The main objective of the DISCO project is to provide educational tools to counseling professionals in the field of counseling victims of domestic or sexual violence at a distance. In this context, our project has produced some intellectual outputs, listed below. They are freely available and could be used by people and organizations working in the field.

The last output of the project, “Lessons learned”, shares our experience from the project activities, and provides a practical guide explaining how DIS.CO. results could be used by other organizations.

Needs Assessment

In this output we explored issues surrounding women who have experienced abuse, including intimate partner violence/domestic violence or sexual violence. Based off of this, we defined the needs of these women regarding psycho-social counselling services at a distance. 

Two main questions were answered:

  • Are women in abusive relationships/situations reaching Victim Support Organisations through online means (including Helplines)? What is the trend and what can we do to facilitate victims’ online access?
  • Is there a difference in alternative types of counselling and help between different sections of the population?

Profile of Counsellor “at a Distance”

This output contains research and analysis to identify the necessary competences for counselling at a distance and to establish the profile of such Counsellors working with women victims of domestic and sexual violence and abuse. It identifies the needs and necessary competences of professional counsellors who engage in counselling at a distance.

Training Curriculum

This is a potential training curriculum for counsellors at a distance, who work with women victims of domestic or sexual violence or abuse. Thecurriculum focuses on Online Counselling (OC) via mobile tools, e-mail, live-chat, video conference / Skype-like tools and Teleconference, with a specific focus on crisis management through help lines. The curriculum was fully transformed into the online course that is now freely available on our website. 

Training Course

This is the training course based on the curriculum above. It features different modules with the following delivery methods: seminars, weekly face-to-face group meetings (introduction, experiential activities, case studies, simulations, etc.), combined with self-paced distance learning conducted through the e-learning platform. The course has been designed as a 4-week (2-3 hours per day) in-depth training course for professionals in the field of counselling. 

Best Practices

This article will help you to understand how all the material above could be beneficial for you and your organisation. It collects all the best practices and lessons learned from the trainings that we have implemented in each partner country.

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